Women’s Health

Supporting healthful practices that foster peace, balance, and beauty


Gentle and non-invasive, acupuncture can be used to treat a variety of health issues common among women, including PMS, infertility, migraine, and insomnia. Pearlmoon specializes in women’s wellness, providing holistic solutions from inducing labor during pregnancy and treating postpartum depression to easing menopausal symptoms and autoimmune diseases, without medication or side effects. Many patients notice a dramatic difference or improvement in their conditions after only a few sessions.



How it works

Acupuncture uses superfine needles on specific sites on your body. When stimulated, these points clear inflammation, relax muscles, balance hormones, and bring peace of mind.

During your initial consultation, diagnostic techniques such as health history, current concerns, and pulse analysis help to determine a treatment plan and timeline. Your customized care includes weekly sessions intended to bring about healing, relaxation, and radiance.


When I started seeing Jenny, I was eating ice cream every night and thought that takeout Indian food was healthy. Anyone who can get me off of ice cream is a miracle worker.
— Amy G, patient


Waistline toning and weight loss

Weight-loss programs at Pearlmoon combine nutritional counseling and acupuncture, which may include a series of abdominal point combinations to decrease puffiness, swelling, and smooth the stomach and/or ear point acupuncture to help with appetite control.



Food as medicine

Nutritional counseling offers an effective approach to weight loss, improved digestion, and healing with foods. A nutritional consultation reviews your current diet and goals for treatment. Weekly menu guidelines along with acupuncture treatments to improve metabolism and suggested appropriate exercise play vital roles in Chinese medicine’s approach to nutrition.