Teen Health

Teen health at Pearlmoon Acupuncture


At Pearlmoon Acupuncture we treat each teenager where they are at. As a teenager goes through many changes, their body is on its way to becoming its adult size. Along with the physical changes of growing can come pain from sports injuries, emotional stress, headaches or migraines, acne and an overall confusion around becoming more independent and making more of their own choices. At Pearlmoon we support pre-teen and teenagers navigate choices around healthy habits, including eating, being physically active and impulse control as well as academic focus.



Sports injuries

Sports injuries can be treated to alleviate pain and improve the recovery process. With the use of cupping, massage and acupuncture along with rest your teen can recover quicker and be stronger with new body awareness to avoid future injuries.


Jennifer is an amazing healer. I took my 14-year-old daughter with pars fracture and spondolythesis. The MDs couldn’t find anything except pain medication to help her. After four appointments she is starting to feel better and can go back to school.”
— T.C., patient


For girls

Body changes and hormones play a big role in a girl’s life sometimes starting at 8 years old. This change can go on for several years. With regular acupuncture, diet modification and self awareness girls will balance hormones and provide a sense of confidence moving through this new phase.




Teen acne is a result of hormones that can affect both girls and boys. At Pearlmoon we treat teen acne with acupuncture, herbs and diet modification which can regulate hormones and decrease stress and inflammation.


I am eternally thankful to say that my son is headache free for 6 months. He feels more in control of his health than ever before, very empowering”
— M.B., patient