Facial Acupuncture

Providing a natural alternative to aging, without fillers or lasers

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Pearlmoon facial rejuvenation and acupuncture offer non-invasive treatments that stimulate your natural collagen and improve circulation. A series of facial acupuncture treatments boosts the blood supply and nutrients to your face, promoting overall toning, improved complexion, smoothing of fine lines, and diminishing of deeper lines. Through Micro-needling (fine, very small needles), gua sha (gently scraping the skin using a massage tool), and massage, we can relax face muscles and release the tension and daily stress we wear on our face. The result is healthier, more even-toned, radiant skin and a more youthful appearance.


How facial acupuncture works

Gentle application of fine dermal needles, while relaxing mind and body, boosts natural collagen production and improves circulation to targeted areas of the face. It promotes an overall toning, improved complexion, smoothing of fine lines, and decreasing of swelling and inflammation. Facial acupuncture allows micro abrasion to awaken and restore blood flow and strength to exhausted facial muscles.

Facial rejuvenation works best if done in consecutive, weekly sessions. If you are planning an important life event (such as a wedding or reunion), you may choose more frequent sessions (2 to 3 times a week) for faster results. The benefits of facial acupuncture can last up to two years with monthly follow-ups and maintaining a healthy lifestyle to support your new complexion.




Pearmoon’s Face Oil

Pearlmoon Rose Oil combines the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Herbs and pomegranate seed oil with a 100% cold pressed organic oil base. 3-4 drops of Rose Oil each evening on clean skin will reverse sun damage, smooth fine lines, balance hormones, plump dry skin, encourage restful sleep and bring a rosy glow! Pearlmoon Rose Oil is the only organic face oil available with traditional Chinese herbs that actually treat and nourish your skin. Our 100% pure Damascus Rose essential oil with its complex, rich, sweet, true rose notes and delicate citrus overtones is produced by steam distillation. Please find Rose Face Oil on our SHOP PAGE


The difference in my skin has been amazing! I came to Jenny with hopes of improving the tone, firmness, and texture of my 50 (yikes)-year-old skin, and the improvement has been far better than I expected.
— Sandra R, patient