Dedicated to supporting women’s wellness at every stage of their lives

At Pearlmoon, healing begins before any needles touch your skin. We are committed to women’s health and preserving Chinese techniques and treatments. Our approach is gentle and compassionate, in a peaceful office ambiance. During your initial consultation, we listen and take the time needed to make our patients feel heard and truly cared for.

Jenny Patro, Pearlmoon’s founder, has been treating women and children for more than a decade, using acupuncture, acupressure (for youth), cupping, and gua sha. She has interned at Children’s Hospital in Oakland and worked as a staff acupuncturist with Dr. Elisa Song M.D., pediatrician at Whole Child Wellness and with Dr. Li Fang Liang M.D. and L.Ac, treating infertility. During her time as a staff acupuncturist, Jenny reviewed more than 1,000 high-risk fertility cases. She also contributed to Dr. Liang’s book on fertility, Contemporary Gynecology.

Jenny completed her preliminary studies at The Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences in Oakland, Cal. while finishing a state-approved tutorial internship with Bob Levine L.Ac in Berkeley, Cal. She completed and passed her California State Board Exam in January 2007.

Jenny also studied for many years with her Taoist teacher Liu Ming until his passing. During her time with Liu Ming, she gleaned insights and tools around diet, cooking, sleep, dreams, meditation, and Chinese Astrology that continue to inform her practice.

Pearlmoon is named for Jenny’s grandmother and daughter, both named Pearl, a symbol of wisdom gained through experience and also an herb used in Chinese medicine to promote luminous skin and peaceful sleep.

By expanding her facial rejuvenation practice which began in 2007, Jenny’s focused her expertise in acupuncture and Chinese Medicine on natural facelifts. This restorative treatment offers her new ways to work with women, encouraging self-confidence by treating internal imbalance and recommending lifestyle directives (like eating, sleeping, and exercise) to cultivate external radiance.

Dedicated to the healing power of traditional Chinese acupuncture, combined with a contemporary approach to lifestyle and a positive sense of well-being, Pearlmoon makes ancient practices available to the modern woman through non-invasive facial treatments and high-quality, organic products.

In the Fall of 2018, Jenny launched Pearls of Wisdom, which combines her background in Taoist principles with the Chinese calendar (tong shu). The bi-monthly blog invites inspiration and offers how tos around synchronizing your daily activities like eating, sleeping, and self-care with the seasonal calendar to support wellness year round.


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